The Proposal


The Sonoma County Community Development Commission (CDC) welcomes your input on the creation of a request for proposals for a potential affordable housing development located at 2150 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa (Property).  The CDC is conducting community engagement to guide a solicitation for development proposals that effectively offers the property as-is in exchange for delivery of a mixed-income rental housing development that meets public policy goals, especially a minimum level of affordability.

A minimum of 15% of the total units developed will be required to be made affordable to households at 80% of area median income ($66k/year for a family of four) pursuant to restrictions that attach to the Property by virtue of the Surplus Land Act. Rents for such affordable three bedroom apartments would be $1647; market rent is closer to $2500/month.  In addition, between 32 and 50 affordable apartments could be achieved within the overall structure at rents below 60 percent of area median income due to the Commission’s $4.2 million purchase of the property.

The Property

2150 West College Ave


  • 1981 - The Sonoma County Water Agency acquired the Property for its operations center in 1981, and occupied and maintained the facility until 2013. Between 2003 and 2013, the Water Agency moved its operations to the Airport Business Center and, in March of 2014, the declared the Property surplus.
  • 2015 - In June of 2015, following impasse in negotiations with potential purchasers of the Property, the Water Agency Board elected to terminate the surplus process and sell the Property via a competitive bid process. That process resulted in only two bids, neither of which could be accepted by the Water Agency.
  • 2017 - On April 4, 2017, the Board of Supervisors adopted its strategic priorities for the County, which included the Housing for All priority. This Property represents one of the identified projects for reaching the County’s goal of building 3,375 housing units by 2022.

Property Information

The Property (Assessor’s Parcel Number 010-320-029; the “Property”) consists of a 7.46-acre parcel and contains an office building, two office/shop buildings, and a small garage.

The Property is currently zoned R-3-30, which would allow the development of approximately 170 units of housing on the portion of the site suitable and available for development without any density bonus unit augmentation.

This parcel also contains the College Creek Flood Control Channel.

While the Property is located within Santa Rosa city limits, development of affordable and workforce housing inside city limits supports County policies related to agricultural and open space preservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, as it ensures city-centered development near transportation and other public services.

College Creek Flood Control Channel

The Water Agency operates and maintains the College Creek Flood Control Channel within the boundaries of the Property.

To preserve its ability to effectively manage the channel, the Water Agency will reserve an easement across approximately 1.67 acres of the Property for purposes and uses related to maintenance and operation of the channel.

The Water Agency intends to construct an extension of the existing unpaved maintenance road within the easement reservation area to establish access directly to and from West College Avenue.

Contemporaneous with the sale, the Water Agency also proposes to convey an Irrevocable Offer to Dedicate a Trail Easement to the City of Santa Rosa to preserve the possibility of legal public trail access along the Water Agency’s unpaved maintenance road adjacent to the Creek at some time in the future.